With the help of our eye doctors, Oliver Opticians can check your vision and eye health to detect, diagnose, and treat eye conditions. We offer a comprehensive eye exam with glasses or contact lens fitting. Our accomplished eye care team includes experienced eye doctors that are committed to providing comprehensive vision care and utilizing the most innovative diagnostic techniques.

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The Importance of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye examinations are important because it can help doctors detect existing and potential eye diseases and vision problems. Regular eye monitoring is the best way to preserve your long-term vision. This is because many eye diseases don’t cause symptoms until they have already started to damage your vision. Furthermore, it can also help determine the current status of your overall health. They can detect signs of other health complications in your body.

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Pediatric Eye Exam

As they are still growing and developing, children’s vision is important to them. Most of the learning resources include visual tools. With that, we must work hand in hand to help children participate in school and elevate their skills and knowledge.

We will handle them carefully and gently so they do not have to be fearful or feel discomfort while we assess their visual issues.

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Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment

Don’t skip your annual eye doctor visit. Schedule an appointment nowt Your annual eye exam is an important part of maintaining your overall health. Our eye doctor will test your vision to determine if your prescription is up to date.

We will also examine your eyes for signs of vision problems or underlying health Issues If you’re experiencing any eye problems or irs just been a while, schedule an eye exam.